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What if you found a way to help your child feel better when they were sick that was:

  • Safe – No pharmaceutical medicines, and no medicine side-effects
  • Easy – You could do yourself, and maybe save a late-night trip to the emergency room
  • Simple – You could show your child how to do it
  • Inexpensive – No expensive equipment or apparatus required

Read this testimonial from a young mother in Atlanta GA:


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for aiding me through my three year old’s coughing spell.  Lindsey was diagnosed with Croup on a Tuesday at the doctors and she was doing much better after the oral steroid….for about a day. By Wednesday she started to cough considerably more and when it was time for bed she was coughing non- stop.  We did not get much sleep due to the constant coughing.

In the middle of the night I felt her heart racing and felt panicked.  After praying, I thought to myself, “what would John do?”  I placed my right hand over her heart and then my left hand on top of my right hand and with in seconds her heart became a normal beat! I was so relieved and thankful for having just two sessions with John to learn self Palmajetics.  In the morning I called John for recommendations how to suppress her cough and quickly applied them. Lindsey’s cough reduced to 25% in a couple of hours, 50% with in 12 hours and after 24 hours her cough nearly stopped, and is sleeping through out the night.
You are a Godsend John, —  Tammy D. Atlanta GA

Now, you could travel to the Atlanta area and train directly with John, but he has put solutions to some of the more common complaints into the new book Palmajetics

Palmajetics is John Mullen’s unique, holistic, energy-healing system that literally puts relief in the palms of your hands.  In this simple handbook, John Mullen shows you how to relieve the discomfort of dozens of physical complaints.   Get your copy today!

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